Web Development

Seamless user experience paired with functionality built on clean and organized code.

Your website visitors should have a cutting-edge experience to interact with your web presence, and ultimately your brand. Every project we tackle has unique problems to solve. Our dedicated web development team is able to use industry standards and best practices, in addition to their own strategic thinking, to identify the best solution. We build our clients’ websites from the ground up using responsive frameworks and customized CMS integrations. Our goal is to create a dynamic experience for your users by allowing them to interact with your brand.

Design to Development

After you decide on your website design and layout, it’s time to develop this beauty into a breathing, working site. Our developers check in throughout the design process to ensure the functionality you need can materialize. They then develop your website using seemingly magic and foreign coding languages and bring your site to life. The front-end development involves everything your customers see when they visit your site. Once that’s perfected, we move into back-end development, which typically involves building out a Content Management System for you to take control.

What Is A CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) empowers your organization with the ability to update your website quickly and efficiently. ECCRepairWeb Agency structures your CMS so that everyone—even your least-tech-savvy coworkers— can update the site content they’re responsible for. This saves you time and money on your website maintenance.

WordPress Website Development

ECCRepairWeb Agency works exclusively with WordPress. Why? WordPress is flexible, user-friendly—and it’s the world’s most popular CMS. However, ECCRepairWeb Agency never uses themes to build websites. You’re unique, your business is unique, and your customers deserve a unique website experience. Partnering with us means your entire website development project is customized from start to finish.

Nothing’s worse than trying to show off your new site on someone’s phone and it shows up wonky. To prevent this, we test your website on all browsers, devices, and operating systems to ensure the best experience for ALL users.